Seminar Approach

Seminars are run in a classroom setting, with an emphasis on interaction.  Lecturing is reinforced with the use of media, group discussions, and practical exercises.  Learning points are applied to the challenges experienced by participants in the workplace.  Practical insights from successful people are shared during each seminar.

In order to allow adequate interaction with the facilitator, the maximum class size is 25.

To promote concentration and engagement, it is recommended that training is held away from the workplace; training is usually more effective when done at outside venues with properly equipped training and catering facilities, such as hotels or conference centers.  However, where budget constraints apply, training can be done at client offices, if suitable rooms are available.

 Seminar Design

Each seminar has been designed to provide principles and techniques which can be applied immediately.  Material is drawn from established experts, and has been tried and tested.  Content is updated regularly.  While the emphasis is on work-related skills, many topics touch on personal life, and thus promote a work-life balance.

Seminar Content

Effective Leadership
Essential Management Skills
Inspired, Organized & Effective